Kevin Albrecht, Deep Bay Spirits Mixologist previously worked at Bacardi’s global head office in Bermuda for six years. Over that time he developed a great appreciation for quality cocktails. After many years of drinking premium distilled spirits, he couldn’t understand why the ready to drink market was filled with sugary and malt/brewed based beverages. He developed the most refreshing distilled spirits based drinks and we are happy to introduce them to Bermuda. We think you’ll agree that he accomplished his mission, and lucky for you that you can now enjoy a new standard in the beverage industry.

How did he come up with the name Deep Bay Spirits:
Deep Bay is a real place and she’s a beauty. She’s the kind of spot where you lose track of time and all cares while standing waist deep in the clear blue ocean. Drinks are drank, music is played, and pontoon boat slides are ridden, all while making lasting memories with your friends.

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