How Flor de Caña is enriched by the San Cristóbal Volcano

Fertile Soil: The ashes expelled by the volcano carry rich minerals and nutrients from the depth of the crater which then settle on the ground and create a fertilizing effect.

Enriched Water: The land surrounding the volcano is naturally porous, so when it rains, the water is easily infiltrated into underground reservoirs carrying along rich minerals and organic matter from the surface.

Volcanic Climate: During the aging process, the high volcanic temperatures and Nicaragua’s tropical climate contribute to the evaporation rate of the rum (the “Angel’s Share”) and foster a more intense and dynamic interaction between the barrel and the rum.

100% Naturally Aged

Flor de Caña is 100% naturally aged in small white oak premium bourbon barrels sealed with Nicaraguan plantain leaves, producing a distinguished and elegant rum with tropical notes. The undisturbed aging process contributes to the rum’s remarkable amber color and rich flavor, without the use of artificial ingredients or accelerants and with zero sugar content.

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