Muskoka Grandma’s Friendly Dragon 6.3% (473ml) Catharina Sour


Grandma’s Friendly Dragon

Unique & Compelling

Our Ninth Moonlight Kettle of 2022 An often forgotten about style, the Catharina sour originated in Brazil and was named in honour of the inaugural brewer’s grandmother, Catharina, who loved sour beers. For our take on this sour beer we incorporated dragon fruit to give the body of the beer a bright fuchsia colour and fresh dragon fruit flavours as well as notes of juicy sweet watermelon, bright pear and kiwi tones, and a hint of vanilla. Created by: Will & Jess Join Beer Club to receive unique monthly one-offs like this one from the Moonlight Kettle Series!

STYLE: Catharina Sour with dragon fruit & vanilla AVAILABILITY: Moonlight Kettle Beer Club & Taproom Exclusive
ABV: 6.3% IBU: 7
COLOUR: Bright Fuchsia YEAR BREWED: 2022
CALORIES: . CARBS (g/100g): .
FLAVOUR: Dragonfruit, Watermelon, Kiwi, Pear
AROMA: Slightly tart with notes of juicy watermelon, sweet pear and kiwi tones, fresh Dragonfruit and a hint of vanilla.
FINISH: Crisp and clean, with lingering notes of fruit and vanilla.
MALTS: Malted Wheat, Pilsner
HOPS: Hallertauer Tradition
FOOD PAIRINGS: Fish tacos, fruit salad or tomatillo salsa


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